Dismantling Traditional & Toxic Masculine Modeling

Dismantling Traditional & Toxic Masculine Modeling

Mac Scotty McGregor is a transgender activist, author, speaker, and educator that lives in Seattle, who provides gender and LGBTQIA diversity training for corporations, colleges, and groups all over the world. He co-founded Positive Masculinity, a project for heart-led masculine folks who want to create a transformative path for masculinity in our world.

We offer private groups and workshops that provide a safe space to address how societal expectations and conditioning have affected us. We strive to create a masculine model that is healthy and mutually supportive. Our goal is to thrive in the freedom to be our best possible selves.

If you would like to be a part of our programs, don’t wait another day, and get in touch at (206) 707-2485 now.

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