Our Workshops & Speaking Services

Our Workshops & Speaking Services

We have a huge range of workshops available, such as: Using our Privilege for Good, and Being Community Minded;The Masculine Career; An Examination of the Constructs of Gender; Thriving Through Life Changes; Tradition, Toxic Masculinity, and The Queer Community; Being a Masculine Feminist; Masculinity Can Include Vulnerability; The Man Box; The Man Mask; Creating Healthy Masculine Friendships; Positive Masculinity for Masculine Teens.

They last from two to five hours of a deep dive into the subject matter with interactive exercises and role-play to gain a deeper understanding of the principles learned. Prices vary depending on the size of the group and the amount of time. We can customize our workshops or combine two workshops to fit the needs of your corporation, college, or group.

We also offer small coaching groups, and keynote speaking services. Mac uses humor and warmth to educate on this sometimes sensitive topic. Mac has an amazing charisma to connect with an audience and present diversity in a way that opens eyes, hearts and builds bridges between differences. His over 35 years of teaching experience along with his humor and ability to connect make him a sought-after speaker and trainer.

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